Flowingforce Summer Soulcamp Faculty


Robin Zucker is the camp’s director. Robin will facilitate, organize, and conjure up fun with her typical enthusiasm. More importantly, she will create and hold a sacred, safe, and joyful container for us during our three days together. Robin will lead various group activities such as meditation, group sharings (wisdom circles) labyrinth walks, expressive writing, chanting, spiritual inquiry, and singing.

Robin will lead the three-part program on the camp central theme, “Getting Out of the grip and into the Flow,” with an exploration of “grip” experiences, and how to identify and transform them in order to get into the “flow” of a more authentically happy life.

Through Robin’s Soulcamp Inner workout, you’ll learn how to get beyond the grip of self-defeating beliefs and into the flow of:

  • greater self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • deeper connections with others

  • enhanced health

  • higher career potential

  • a more balanced, empowered, and satisfying life of pleasure, engagement, and meaning.

In the supportive environment of the retreat, you’ll:

  • define and realize your signature strengths

  • resolve obstacles to happiness

  • articulate your life’s mission and heart’s desire

  • reconnect with playfulness and purpose

  • integrate and implement choices for change.