facilitated by Robin L. Zucker, MDiv certified Gottman marriage educator

“The real cradle that rocks your baby
 is a strong relationship between you as partners.”
–Drs. John & Julie Gottman


Imagine what would happen if you never changed the oil in your car, never replaced the brake pads, or replenished the transmission fluid. Your vehicle would stall out or freeze up. The worst case scenario? Your engine would explode! Imagine what your childbirth experience would be like without Lamaze or other preparation.

Relationships are a lot like cars – they require maintenance and care. In most cases, action-oriented, professional coaching can get a stalled relationship back in gear and on the right track. It can also strengthen and clarify your relationship in times of significant transition, like the advent of a child. That’s the goal of the “ From Partners to Parents: Baby-proof your Marriage” – a skill-based coaching program for couples.

You’ll gain new insights and acquire useable tools for repairing and/or building a fulfilling and lasting relationship that provides a secure and joyful cradle to rock your child– all in a non-threatening , honest but uplifting format. The relationship tune-up has a positive and practical focus – there will be no shame, no blame, no games.

The goals of the tune-up are:

  1. To identify your strengths as a couple and build new ones.
  2. To identify habits, behaviors, and old patterns that are unproductive and make changes using concrete strategies.
  3. To strengthen your communication skills, including assertiveness and active listening. Also, to learn one another’s preferred “ love language,” how to speak “I” to “I,” and offer and receive emotional “bids.”
  4. To help you negotiate differences and resolve conflicts using a ten-step model.
  5. To explore your relationship and Family-of-Origin using the Couple and Family Map.
  6. To develop shared approaches to financial and family goals.
  7. To work through tensions regarding spiritual beliefs, intimacy, vulnerabilities, or other matters in a kind and respectful way.
  8. To understand better how your different temperaments and personalities can best compliment one another.
  9. To learn how to communicate with your baby and with one another collaboratively.
  10. To learn about post partum depressions and changes, keeping fathers involved, and building a sound “relationship house” for your child.

The cost of the three-hour relationship tune-up (including all materials) is $325 per couple. Additional sessions are $75 per hour. Credit cards are accepted through Paypal.

I’m meeting with couples at my convenient Pittsburgh (East End) office or by free Zoom video chat from anywhere (and video conferencing can be just as effective and more conveniently scheduled than in person sessions).

Get started with a free consultation by phone, video chat, or email: rzflowingforce@gmail.com; 412-727-6870 .

I’m looking forward to accompanying you on this journey as you empower yourselves to skillfully and whole-heartedly tend your bond while you tend your baby.


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